Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Professional Voice Talent for Your Project

You’ve built a killer explainer video and now you’re about to hire a Professional Voice Talent for your project. But wait, there are alternatives that will save you money and build up cool points with your audience.

1. You already spent thousands of dollars on the development of the project

With all the writing, filming, editing, and media buys, you really have no money left for the voice part. Plus, anyone can talk, so it’ll be easy to find someone with a nice voice who can read the words in a few minutes.


A professional voice talent pays attention to the details behind your message allowing it to stand out just as you intended. Whether it be a commercial, a video for your website or a training for your employees, a trained voice actor enhances the words you chose to convey your product and represent your brand.

2. A professional image and greeting when potential clients call your business isn’t that big of a deal

Go ahead and have the receptionist voice the entire phone tree. It’s okay that she sounds like a cross between a valley girl and Marge from The Simpsons… people can relate well to that. Plus, if you give it to Hot Sally in accounting who “has a nice voice”, this could so be your in with her.


Your phone greeting is your first impression for many people reaching out to your business. Don’t miss an opportunity to make a great first impression.

3. You love the authenticity

Quickly slap together a recording on your iphone – that’ll be good enough. those mouth noises, HVAC systems, computer buzz and room echo when your staff members record on a USB mic at their desks add to the true authenticity your company represents. Recording environment just isn’t that big of a deal…


A pro voice talent uses quality equipment, and excellent microphone, has a quiet treated environment designed for recording and has a clear voice.

4. You’re the Boss and it is all about you

As the owner of the business – who sounds like he’s eating a sandwich whenever he talks and never lost his thick Jersey accent – you need to be the star of the commercial.


A trained voice actor lets your message be heard and engages your audience without distracting with strange accents or mumbled words. You’ve gone to all the trouble to convey your message – why would you skip the step of making sure it is delivered with excellence so your listener can receive it well?

5. Professional voice actors sound *too* good

And they pronounce things funny (aka – correctly). Why spend money when you can have just “good enough?” The neighbor next door will do it for free.


Whether it’s the sound of your neighbor next door, a friendly employee or a polished authority, a professional voice actor has experience that allows them to be versatile to deliver the specific sound you need.

6. Because…. Every… One…. Loves… It…. When…. They…. Sound…. Like… A… Robot…..

You know that “I’m reading the lines” kinda read. You’ll sound clear, everyone will understand each word and that monotone 1980’s AI robot voice does wonders for your branding.


Sounding natural is harder than you think. Even for seasoned pros that talk for a living. The natural, talking to your friend, girl next door sound takes a lot of practice.

7. You will become addicted to our sunny personalities and professionalism and not be able to stop hiring us.

That can get expensive since they are PROS. You will no longer be able to pay your bills. They are that powerful.

In all seriousness, the only videos that you should be voicing over in house are the ones you are doing on Facebook Live – directly. Let a Professional Voice Talent handle the advertisements, explainer videos and phone lines. Your pocket book will survive and your branding will be fabulously represented. Huge shot out to Melanie Murphy for helping us with this post. You can see more of her on the Voice Over website: http://www.melaniemurphyvo.com

Have you worked with a Professional Voice Talent or tried the DIY method? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below!

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