Under Promise and Over deliver

Why You Should Under Promise and Over Deliver to Your Clients

Cool story to share about why you should Over Deliver to Your Clients – every time.

One premium hotel chain has gotten what amounts to several MILLION bucks in promotions, from a speaker who had an experience we shall call


I’ll paraphrase for us all…

See the photo here?

bags and hotel

That’s the super fancy “well heeled” hotel called The Peninsula in Chicago, Illinois.

They have one in New York, too.

So, the journalist went and stayed at this swanky hotel in Chicago.

Apparently at a lot of these locations in Paris, NYC, and the Far East they have a complete CD library where you can go in and listen to any of the CDs in your room.

In their chain of hotels, you can borrow CDs from their CD library and they usually have whatever you want.

Even choices you’d have in your collection at home.

But, The Peninsula was too new and didn’t have a CD library.

Not a big deal, until…

A profitable answer

So, the concierge apologized and asked the writer what CDs and artists he liked.

The writer told him he liked a few artists, like Eminem, The Beatles, and ABBA (weird, but whatever you’re into, you know?)


The ABBA part I mean, lol.

Anyway, he didn’t think it was a big deal, but thought it was nice of them to ask.

Next, the writer went up to his room and started working.

He put the conversation and the music out of his mind.

door knob

Next he hears a knock

And there is the concierge, who HANDS HIM the CDs he wanted.

Eminem, The Beatles, and yes, even ABBA.

“This is a personal present from us to you,” the concierge said.

“Welcome to the Peninsula.”


I mean who wouldn’t tell everyone they knew about this hotel and how amazing it was?

Ask yourself this…

Would the writer EVER stay anywhere else?

Heck no. I don’t think so. Would you?

The Big Payback

And now, the esteemed writer has a syndicated show with millions that listen, as well as live speaking gigs.

He’s told this story to a LOT of people.

Total cost to The Peninsula to make this magic happen?

Around $22 and change. That’s mouth-watering value, wouldn’t you agree?

I just love companies who over-deliver amazing value.

Think About these examples:

The local restaurant who gives you a few pieces of pie or gooey chocolate cake for nothing, just because you come in and give them business a handful of times.

The big airline who graciously gives you the first class upgrade for no reason other than they can.

The software company or marketing expert you trust, who then give you an unannounced bonus which lifts your biz to staggering new heights, with zero strings attached… just to be cool.

Ask yourself – do you think you could do the same thing today in your business?

Just think of the effect!!

See these examples in action!

It’s time to give back some serious value to you in a new series I call Share The Love

share the love

No matter your goals, I want to give you a gift for your business which can…

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What Is Share The Love?

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This means, you’ll soon be holding court in front of an adoring crowd… a public who is hot and heavy for your products and services, no matter the price tag you give them.

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It’s time for you to pamper your business without going into the poor house, am I right?


How do you Over Deliver to Your Clients each day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jena Apgar, Chief Digital Marketing Warfare Strategist