The Rapid Agency Growth Plan: Simple Strategy to Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency

Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency

These are Notes from the Traffic & Conversion Session by Dominic Cummins, “The Rapid Agency Growth Plan – A Surefire Strategy to Scale Your Agency and Land High Paying Clients Who “Get It”

Close More, Better, Higher Paying Clients
Prospects want THE SUMMIT
You are the SHERPA
#1 reason you don’t get hired….your clients have Limited Understanding of Agency Strategy!
No confidence
We say, clients just don’t get it….but they don’t understand.
11% is the industry average of Agency close rates. Other industries is 20%
80% goes the wrong way
Want $500,000?
11% means a $4,500,000 pipeline
2017 Reflections
Lost $880,200 in revenue
Traditional Stages of a Sale….Last 6 decades….unchanged
  1. Build Rapport
  2. Elevator pitch
  3. Analyze Needs (Pain Points)
  4. Present Solution
  5. PresentPricing
  6. Objection Handling
  7. Get Commitment (Close)
  8. Implement
So buyers have changed
57% is made before a person talks to a sales rep….minimum. That was 5 years ago
80% of buyers se NO VALUE from interacting with a sales person
By 2020, 1 million sales people will be out of a job – Forrester
Forgot the HUMAN element
The Human Brain
Root brain – Will This Kill Me,  breathing, hunger, thirst, survival
Limbic System – How do I feel about this?
Neocortex – Can I justify this? complex thinking
Trust assessment
What are their intentions?
Are they capable of doing that?
12 Stages of Human Intimacy
  1. Eye to Body
  2. Eye to Eye
  3. Voice to Voice
  4. Hand to Hand
  5. Arm to Shoulder
  6. Arm to Waist
  7. Mouth to Mouth
  8. Hand to Head
  9. Hand to body
  10. Mouth to Body
  11. Hand to ______
  12. Bow chick a wow wow
Skipping two is assault
In sales it is known as buyers remorse
Use that knowledge to convert more sales
Meet the Customer Value Journey
  1. Eye to Body = Awareness
  2. Eye to Eye = Engage
  3. Voice to Voice = Subscribe
  4. Hand to Hand = Convert
  5. Arm to Shoulder = Excite
  6. Arm to Waist = Ascend
  7. Mouth to Mouth = Advocate
  8. Hand to Head = Promote
92% appreciate a sales person who provides value directly as it relates to the business owners business – Hubspot
Root Brain is AWARE and ENGAGE
Limbo System is ENGAGE to EXCITE
Neocortex is EXCITE and ASCEND
The Customer Value Journey works
How do you get started….start by getting the Customer Value Journey here:
Model your business on the CVJ
Get some help because you are too involved
Map out existing client
  1. Get more clients. Your strategy becomes very clear. You don’t have to do everything. You become the trusted guide
  2. Get better clients. People not willing to go through the journey are bad clients. Strategist – not order taker
  3. Land higher paying clients. Your talking about their whole business
Remember that $4,500,000 pipeline. 
10% is $500,000
20% is $900,000
30% is $1.36 Million
50% is $2.27 Million
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