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Use the 4-Step Audience Ascension Ladder to Explode Your Information Sales

The average information business struggles to consistently generate leads and sales because they are missing one (or more) of the critical components needed to transform strangers into die-hard loyalists willing to buy everything you sell. In this workshop-style session you’ll leave with a list of action items that will set your information business on the path to enormous sales growth.

And it starts with the 4 step Audience Ascension Ladder and a great presentation from Russ Henneberry, Founder at Modern Publisher

Get your own: ModernPublisher.com/canvas 

Marketing Mix

You must have…

  1. Product
  2. Distribution

Product is obvious….

  1. Books
  2. Events
  3. Training

But distribution…..

  1. Stage presenting is distribution
  2. Search is distribution through SEO
  3. Advertising can get you distribution
  4. Email is distribution
  5. Social Media is distribution
  6. What are your distribution methods

If you want to explode your sales, you need all 4 stages of the Ascension

Attention > Subscription > Acquisition > Monetization

This is how you transform ice cold people into high ticket buyers, consulting at 10k


Monetization – Core Offer, the Money


  1. Workshops
  2. Masterclass
  3. Coaching
  4. Consulting
  5. Membership
  6. Mastermind
  7. In-person event paid and high ticket


  1. Stage Pitch
  2. Webinar Pitch
  3. Email
  4. Facebook Messenger
  5. Retargeting
  6. Content Referral
  7. Search
  8. Social
  9. Advertising

Characteristic of Monetization products: 

High Commitment – You can sell high ticket

Recurring – You can bill them monthly and annually

Low Volume, High Customer Value – Big Hits of Cash, Services, Do things that are not scalable at first

TAKE ACTIONS: Check at least one box and have at least one product and one way to distribute

Acquisition – They Become a Customer


  1. Splintered Course
  2. Online Event
  3. In-Person Event low ticket
  4. Print books
  5. Entry Point Offers


  1. Email
  2. Messenger
  3. Retargeting
  4. Content
  5. Referral
  6. Search
  7. Social
  8. Advertising

Characteristic of Acquisition products:

Low Risk – Low cost, Easy to understand, Keep the cost and complexity down….

Break Even – Not necessarily profitably, you might lose money 

Splintered – Often a stand alone part of a larger monetization product

High Value, Low Customer Value – a lot of “littles”

TAKE ACTIONS: Check at least one box and have at least one product and one way to distribute

Subscription – They give you permission to market


  1. Lead Magnets
    1. Speed – provides value and results quickly
    2. Specificity – Solves a VERY specific problem
  2. Mini class, Online event, In person event FREE
    1. Time – Requires a time Commitment
    2. Indoctrinates – Reveals who you are and what you are all about, Indoctrination should not be manipulative BS…But do it intentionally


  1. Content referral
  2. Retargeting

Characteristic of Acquisition products:

TAKE ACTIONS: Check at least one box and have at least one product and one way to distribute

Attention – They know you exist


  1. Blogs
  2. Podcast
  3. Videos
  4. Social


  1. Search
  2. Social
  3. Advertising

Characteristic of Acquisition products:

Stand alone value – entertaining, inspirational or educational

Prospect Magnet

Ascends – Contains CTAs and retargeting

TAKE ACTIONS: Check at least one box and have at least one product and one way to distribute

Revenue Targets

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Digital Marketing is Dead As We Know It with Ryan Deiss at Traffic & Conversion

Digital Marketing is dead as we know it and I can prove it.

Traffic costs are higher than ever, conversion rates are lower than ever, and it’s getting harder and harder to get new brands noticed. Face it…marketing in 2019 is no cakewalk. In his opening keynote, DigitalMarketer Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan Deiss, broke down the cause of these changes, and gave 5 strategies to rise above the noise to compete and win.

All Industries go through the same process…

  1. Discovery
  2. Proliferation
  3. Standardization
  4. Consolidation
  5. Disruption

Digital Marketing is in DISRUPTION


Moving away from Marketing Funnels towards the Customer Value Journey

Must build a complete Customer Value Journey

Build Referral Engines! – Turn one customer into 3

Successful customers refer – NOT happy customers


Have you mapped your customer Journey on a single piece of paper?

Less Marketing Automation, More Conversation

Automation has been great, BUT the reaction is coming.


Talk, actually TALK to your customers!

Put your PHONE NUMBER on your sales pages and ANSWER the phone

  • What Does it cost to start a conversation?
  • What is a conversation worth?

Unscalable Marketing is good, Scalable Isn’t Everything

Do the things you can’t track

  1. Send emails without links and ask for a reply? Ask a question? When you engage them in conversation, you find out what the want.
  2. Get a MANAGED Facebook Group.
    • Are you willing to assign someone to the Facebook group?
    • Post unrelated content
  4. Answer 10 questions on Quora
    • Take good ones and pass it to a facebook live
  5. 1 – on – 1 Onboarding
  6. Write a book…. Or two.
  7. Publish a podcast
  8. Read this book: This Won’t Scale at drift.com/books/this-wont-scale 

What unscalable strategies will you do?

Big is Cool, Small Segments Generate the Most Income

How many people are in your high value segments?

Which customer segments are 10x more valuable

Small Ideas Don’t Work, Play Big in Business

No one follows a small idea

Don’t have “Tall Poppy Syndrome”

Define new categories

Play Bigger: Amazon

Create Movements again

If you want to matter – start a movement

If you don’t matter – you don’t exist

Don’t settle for little ideas

What do you fundamentally believe to be true about the universe and our place in it?

Traffic & Conversion never change and will always be needed

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7 Foundations to Start and Scale Your Business to $100 Million Dollars like Dean Graziosi

You’ve heard it before, you’ve seen if before – but let it sink in and know these simple foundations anchor your success at every level.

My cohost with DoubleFunnel.tv, Scott Schilling and I, spent the morning specifically covering the notes from Dean Graziosi’s presentation because the tips, the foundations are so intrinsically necessary for your success and so often missed and skipped for flashier tactics. You can watch the full hour here:

The simple things

Find simplicity on the other side of complexity

Anchors for to get to a million are the same to get to a billion

7 Musts to Start and Scale Your Business to $100 Million Dollars

Dean Graziosi Scale Your BusinessProtect your health, confidence and state

  • Figure out what builds your confidence and what tears it down
  • Delete angst
  • Play on offense, when you are on defensive the world goes crazy
  • Protect your confidence like crazy
  • When you are confident great things happen
  • When your confidence has been robbed, you play on defensive
  • You play small with no confidence
  • Have rituals for confidence
  • Protect confidence
  • Have a morning ritual and know it is critical to create an offensive day
    • Be a machine.
    • Ignore phone. Do not look at your phone first in the morning.
    • Think of something you’re grateful for, can be stupid and small, you’re alive, you’re not sick with the cold. Frames your mind.
    • Think of 3 wins that you had the previous day. Personal and business
    • What are 3 wins would you like today
    • Pound a green drink with MCT oil
    • Exercise at 5:30am
    • Do yoga for 3 days and it will change your body. Do it everyday and it will change your life
    • These are my best days, don’t get frustrated
    • Stop watching the news. You don’t watch the news and feel more confident

Dean Graziosi Scale Your Business with ClarityCrystal clear vision and clarity

  • We tend to focus on what we don’t want.
  • Get crystal clear on what you want
  • If it was a year from now and it was the best year of your life, what would that look like?
  • Problems will happen, that is a success tax
  • Look backward to go forward
  • Saying Yes got you out of Egypt
  • Saying no got you to the promise land

Marketing stamina

  • Obsession and new culture
  • Make sales and marketing the obsession of every employee
  • Do not avoid what got you to a million
  • Keep your eye on marketing and sales
  • Work backwards and new thinking. Think how you’ll sell the product before you’ll build it
  • One piece at a time / break it up – compartmentalize the marketing
  • Remember planes fly – if you try marketing and it doesn’t work, it is not the marketing, something you did was wrong
  • Pick one thing and go deep on it
  • Have more marketing stamina

Pay your success tax

  • What if life happened for you not to you
  • What if all the hardship was just a qualifier to see if you were worthy of success
  • The rockstar played 100 dive bars before Madison Garden – that is success tax
  • When you study instead of partying – success tax

The Ultimate Drive Force – your why

  • Know why you want it
  • Keep asking “why you want that” or “why is that important to you”
  • You feel it go from your head to your heart in about 7 steps

Power of your thoughts

  • Your thoughts lie to you
  • The only thing standing between you and your income, is a story you tell yourself
  • Question your thoughts
  • Have your successful voice call bullshit on the other

The Most impactful advice is bad advice

  • People giving you bad advice and telling you to plat small… even if you think it doesn’t get you, it’s cumulative and adds up and gets to you
  • Don’t learn from people who screw it up
  • Stop taking advice from the wrong people
  • Shield that shit
  • Learn from those playing at the highest level possible

Masterminds have ROI

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The Rapid Agency Growth Plan: Simple Strategy to Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency

These are Notes from the Traffic & Conversion Session by Dominic Cummins, “The Rapid Agency Growth Plan – A Surefire Strategy to Scale Your Agency and Land High Paying Clients Who “Get It”

Close More, Better, Higher Paying Clients
Prospects want THE SUMMIT
You are the SHERPA
#1 reason you don’t get hired….your clients have Limited Understanding of Agency Strategy!
No confidence
We say, clients just don’t get it….but they don’t understand.
11% is the industry average of Agency close rates. Other industries is 20%
80% goes the wrong way
Want $500,000?
11% means a $4,500,000 pipeline
2017 Reflections
Lost $880,200 in revenue
Traditional Stages of a Sale….Last 6 decades….unchanged
  1. Build Rapport
  2. Elevator pitch
  3. Analyze Needs (Pain Points)
  4. Present Solution
  5. PresentPricing
  6. Objection Handling
  7. Get Commitment (Close)
  8. Implement
So buyers have changed
57% is made before a person talks to a sales rep….minimum. That was 5 years ago
80% of buyers se NO VALUE from interacting with a sales person
By 2020, 1 million sales people will be out of a job – Forrester
Forgot the HUMAN element
The Human Brain
Root brain – Will This Kill Me,  breathing, hunger, thirst, survival
Limbic System – How do I feel about this?
Neocortex – Can I justify this? complex thinking
Trust assessment
What are their intentions?
Are they capable of doing that?
12 Stages of Human Intimacy
  1. Eye to Body
  2. Eye to Eye
  3. Voice to Voice
  4. Hand to Hand
  5. Arm to Shoulder
  6. Arm to Waist
  7. Mouth to Mouth
  8. Hand to Head
  9. Hand to body
  10. Mouth to Body
  11. Hand to ______
  12. Bow chick a wow wow
Skipping two is assault
In sales it is known as buyers remorse
Use that knowledge to convert more sales
Meet the Customer Value Journey
  1. Eye to Body = Awareness
  2. Eye to Eye = Engage
  3. Voice to Voice = Subscribe
  4. Hand to Hand = Convert
  5. Arm to Shoulder = Excite
  6. Arm to Waist = Ascend
  7. Mouth to Mouth = Advocate
  8. Hand to Head = Promote
92% appreciate a sales person who provides value directly as it relates to the business owners business – Hubspot
Root Brain is AWARE and ENGAGE
Limbo System is ENGAGE to EXCITE
Neocortex is EXCITE and ASCEND
The Customer Value Journey works
How do you get started….start by getting the Customer Value Journey here: RightMondInc.com/CVJ
Model your business on the CVJ
Get some help because you are too involved
Map out existing client
  1. Get more clients. Your strategy becomes very clear. You don’t have to do everything. You become the trusted guide
  2. Get better clients. People not willing to go through the journey are bad clients. Strategist – not order taker
  3. Land higher paying clients. Your talking about their whole business
Remember that $4,500,000 pipeline. 
10% is $500,000
20% is $900,000
30% is $1.36 Million
50% is $2.27 Million

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