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DM Lab Live Event with Ryan Diess & DigitalMarketer Review

After a grueling long week in Austin, I wanted to take a moment to review the DM Lab Live Event put on by Ryan Deiss and the DigitalMarketer team. Unfortunately, this was what I believe to be a one off event; the result of another event with another company falling through.

All the more reason not to hold off on attending events when you get the chance!

Basic Details of the DM Lab Live Event

Location: JW Marriott in Austin at 110 East 2nd Street
When: Tuesday, July 25 through to Wednesday, July 26.

That is right, in the middle of the week. Yes, I missed critical work days to attend this event so expectations were high.


  • 9:00am The Four Critical Questions
  • 11:00am The Value Puzzle
  • 12:00pm Lunch break
  • 1:30pm The Customer Puzzle
  • 3:30pm The Conversion Puzzle
  • 6:00pm Networking Party!


  • 9:00am The “Why” Puzzle
  • 12:00pm Lunch Break
  • 1:30pm Ask Us Anything
  • 3:30pm What’s Working Now Panel
  • 5:00pm Networking

I had my laptop out NEARLY the entire time with fingers moving fast to take notes. Tons of execution as this was an actual workshop. I wish I had thought to take more pictures with fellow DMers!

I am so thankful I took the time out of my busy schedule here at Warfare Marketing to join Ryan Deiss, Marcus Murphy and the rest of the team at DigitalMarketer in Austin for Lab Live.

It was obvious the entire DigitalMarketer team had a blast. The attendees, including myself, were able to get to know the team better in a more intimate environment as well as fellow DM Lab members that we only know through the Private Facebook Group.

I left Austin with a far better understanding of the importance of prioritizing growth in our own business and the role each of the documents we created play in that growth.

Even more so, we were already doing much of this for our clients! Not as much for our self.

We came back from the event to Dallas and now host our own Growth Workshop for clients and Business Growth Network Members. That is how critical the information covered at the DM Lab Live event is to every business.

Each page in the Growth Playbook was a critical foundational piece to every single business on the planet.

Is that unclear? Questions?

Seriously….every business.

Every single business I started and failed with lacked these foundational blocks.

They are more critical than your logo, domain, business card, accounting, incorporation and all the other garbage entrepreneurs want to run out and start a business with – none of which actually provide upfront value or longevity.

The introduction by Justin Rondeau to the 4 Levers of Growth and the I.C.E. Rule were amazing. The problem with the event was that you leave with SO MANY ideas and a long to do list that it is hard to prioritize what needs to be done. This Google Sheet document allows you to start brainstorming and prioritizing your own growth plan and understand exactly what should be done 1st, 2nd….etc.

If you just got that nasty feeling in your stomach because you realized that you lost the momentum we started in Austin (you came home and went right back to work, but aren’t working on things that will actually “move the needle”)…
I want to help.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a DigitalMarketer event for only $99 if there wasn’t a pitch involved, right?

The team rolled out the DigitalMarketer Lab Elite Program

  1. 4 Live, Virtual Workshops ($7980 value), FOCUSED training COMBINED with coaching and masterminding (so stuff actually gets done)
  2. Group Coaching and Accountability ($2340 value) A high-level network of founders and executives all aligned to the exact same goals and on the exact same journey as you
  3. Instant Access To Two (2) “Let’s Build” Workshops
  4. PLUS the Lab Live Recordings ($3540 value)
  5. The latest tips and tricks (even before they become EPs) along with the advice and feedback to know you’re executing the right way…the first time.
  6. “Under-the-hood” visibility into what’s going on in Ryan Deiss’s other businesses
  7. Continued Access to DM Lab ($463.20 value)
  8. All the benefits that come with Lab (including its size) PLUS a smaller, tight-nit “community within a community” TOTAL VALUE = $14,323.20
  9. Your Investment = $295/mo for now (or $1,995/yr)

***UPDATE***We joined the DigitalMarketer Lab Elite Program at the event and have been in it a year now. Simply perfect. The ability to sit in one live, all day, workshops 2 times a month with the team and people actually executing the tactics and building the strategies has doubled our business again this last year! The DM Lab Elite program has helped us focus on 10 day sprints dedicated to one each of the four growth levers 2 times month and helped us prioritize growing our own business – not just our clients’.

Ryan Deiss, Co-Founder & CEO DigitalMarketer, made a small comment in an email (imagine that) that “We were so energized by hosting Lab members that we’re strongly considering making Lab LIVE an annual event… with even more access for Lab ELITE members.”

***UPDATE*** It has been just about one year from the event and I have not heard of any additional events for DM Lab Live with the focus being put on Traffic & Conversion. Even the Digital Agency Growth Summit (DAGS) is being rolled into the T&C2019 event.

I’ll let you know more details as they become available for this event. But for now, I strongly recommend you join the DigitalMarketer Lab Tribe. I literally only cost you $2 for your first month with this old link 🙂

(No promises on how long they will forget about that old page)

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