How to Remove Hashtag Clutter on Instagram Posts

It’s easy to get carried away with hashtags. There is a quick tip that the best Instagram Influencers use to insert as many hashtags as they want without cluttering up their comments feed. This tactic only works on mobile, but that’s OK – 99% of Instagram users are viewing it on their mobile phone. See these post as an example.

The first post below is from Business Growth Network. You’ll notice that next to their username, there is simply a “…more” link. This is by design. It looks like they don’t have any hashtags on their post, but in fact, we pasted this in the first comment:

Notice the 5 dots with spaces? This makes it so the “…more” link shows up next to their username. That way the hashtags don’t clutter the post.

In this example, the poster did not use the 5 dots, so the hashtags clutter the first comment in the post.

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