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Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and even Facebook utilize the hashtag. But which ones do you use so that fresh prospects are seeing your message? Join the conversation with our Daily Hashtags Guide below. Some hashtags come and go, but these trend weekly without fail.

Hashtags for Monday

Hashtag use for Monday is all about Weekend recovery and hating the grindstone once again. Monday motivational quotes flood the Twittersphere with a generous heaping of cat photos.

#MondayMotivation – By far the most popular, offer motivational advice or inspiration to your followers. Think inspirational quotes, life lessons, feel-good stories, or motivating content.


#MusicMonday – What are you listening to right now. Share inspirational stories about music. What is your office playing?



#MilitaryMonday – Show your patriotism and support of the military and veterans


#ManCrushMonday or #MCM – Male crush! Think Ryan Gosling right? Use a photo. Keep it professional and husband friendly by  featuring men you admire.

#MondayBlues – From Hootsuite: “Feeling a little low after the weekend? People use this hashtag to share ways on how to counteract the Monday melancholy. Popular content shared using the #MondayBlues hashtag includes everything from humorous pictures of grumpy animals, to images of people drinking a huge mug of coffee (or whiskey).”

#MarketingMonday – Use this hashtag to talk about marketing and join the Brand Dot Blog conversation on Twitter!

#MondayMemories – Talk about your favorite memories from the early stages of your business

Hashtags for Tuesday

I feel like Tuesday is just this awkward 2nd place loser to Monday. No one is excited by Tuesday and you’re too far from Friday to be hopeful.

#TipTuesday – Share life tips on any topic!

#CarTipTuesday – Tips but all about cars


#TrendyTuesday – Exhibit how your business is keeping up with pop culture trends


#TravelTuesday – Share vacation pictures, dream locations, ask for tips, or express travel goals.


#TechTuesday – Reveal the new technology you’re using for your business


#TransformationTuesday – Before and after photos

#TopicTuesday – Share your thoughts on a popular topic in your industry

Hashtags for Wednesday

Wednesday hashtags are alive and well with Hump Day camels winning the internet (or a Texas Brahma Bull).



#WednesdayWisdom – Popular among thought leaders and business experts, and a great way to join in the conversation.

#HumpDay – Let your followers know how you’re getting over the mid-week hump with this ubiquitious Wednesday hashtag


#WayBackWednesday – Like the popular #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday, where people post old photos of themselves or others. It’s all about nostalgia.

#WellnessWednesday – Provide tips for staying healthy and active

#WonderfulWednesday – Hump Day! Keep it positive and let us know what you are grateful for today.


#WorkoutWednesday – Show how you’re staying in shape

#WomanCrushWednesday or #WCW – Female crush! Think Angelina Jolie right? Use a photo. Keep it professional and wife friendly by featuring women you admire.

Hashtags for Thursday

On Thursdays old images of times long ago flood across newsfeeds. Everything from vacations, college days and 80’s big hair we long to forget but won’t let us stop laugh.

#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT – My favorite and first hashtag I ever used 🙂 Post old images from back in the day.


#ThankfulThursday – Thank someone who’s helped your business, your customers, or tell people what you’re thankful for today.

#ThursdayThoughts Ask your followers’ opinions on ideas you have for improving your business – Ask your followers’ opinions on ideas you have for improving your business


Hashtags for Friday

Flash Back Friday for all those that forgot to post on Throwback Thursday and forgot and an absolute celebration of the weekend that is finally here.

#FlashbackFriday or #FBF – Similar to #ThrowbackThursday, #FlashBackFriday is about sharing an old photo of yourself or a fond memory with friends


#FashionFriday – Showcase how you’re keeping up with the latest style trending

#FridayFun – Celebrate the weekend baby!


#FeelGoodFriday – Share happiness, love, and other warm fuzzies using this hashtag

#FearlessFriday – What makes you fearless? Tell a story about overcoming challenges related to your business


#FridayFact – Give me your statistics, definitions, or news on a Friday. My favorite hashtag for professionals right here 🙂


#FollowFriday or #FF – Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr trend where you recommend that people follow and why.

#FoodieFriday – Show your business’s delicious treats

#FunnyFriday – Share something funny about your business, customers, or employees

#FitnessFriday – Display your newest 30-minute workout

Hashtags for Saturday

Social media use wanes more on the weekend as users have better and more interesting activities to participate (as opposed to working 🙂

#SalesSaturday – Offer a special discount or deal for your product or services


#SmallBusinessSaturday – Post a picture of another small business that has helped you along the way or encourage users to shop at small local businesses


#SocialSaturday – Share how you’re interacting with your community through events and promotions


#ShoutoutSaturday – Give a shoutout to one of your star employees or customers


#Caturday – A meme trend that started on 4Chan, #Caturday has become a popular hashtag on social media that accompanies a photo of your favorite feline friend…or Grumpy cat himself.

#WeekendVibes – Display your happiness for the weekend

Daily Hashtags for Sunday

For the milder crowd, stick to Sunday Funday and Selfie Sunday…seriously. Doing my research for the article, the very popular Sinday was more than my little southern belle eyes were ready for! You’ve been warned.

#SelfieSunday or #SS – Need an excuse to post a selfie? Here you go..

#SundayFunday – think Patios and mimosas at TopGolf

#Sinday – (Warning…images might be graphic)

#SundayRead – Share one of your recent blog posts


#StartupSunday – Show how passionate you are about your business

#SundaySwings (Baseball)

#SpotlightSunday – Spread the love with spotlighting a loyal customer or evangelist


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Join your community with Daily Hashtags

Post up links in the comments to your favorite posts with daily Hashtags in them!  These little tricks are a great way to join the community conversation.

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