Money While you Sleep: How to Make Money Blogging

The ultimate bloggers dream to make money blogging! Sleep in, stay in bed only getting up for coffee & tea, and pull out the laptop. You open your laptop, to see dozens of notifications: “You’ve Been Issued a Payment.”

Overnight, while you slept soundly, thousands of dollars came pouring into your checking account because you made money blogging your life’s story. You’ve literally made money in your sleep. What’s the secret to this “Everyday is lazy Sunday” lifestyle?

Blog Monetization: Make Money Blogging

But don’t get too excited so easily. There are no overnight, quick, get rich schemes here. What I have complied is a list of ways to make money utilizing your blog, that with work and effort, can bring you to a full time income even without viral success. Below is a comprehensive list we will keep updated of monetization avenues rated 1-5 $$$$ based on time and profit capability and listed in order from easy to the most difficult.

Before getting into the details, there are a few things I should get out of the way. First, results may vary. What works for a cooking blog would almost certainly not work for a startup blog.

Blog Ads: $

Those little ads appearing in your sidebar to earn you money charged by click through rate (CTR). This is the most common, first step for a blogger and unless you are seeing 100,000 a day, a terrible waste of your time, efforts and precious sidebar space. Google Adsense is usually the typical starting space for almost every blogger I’ve met and yet only produces pennies in return for cluttering up a beautiful space. I’ve made money at www.MissJena.com through AdSense, but very little through Pay Per Click ads – all through YouTube videos which I will discuss further down.

The average CTR is just 0.1% and you get an average cost per click of $0.05-0.50 cents. For every 1,000 visitors, you can hope for $0.50 at best. Waste of time. Plus, there is usually a minimum threshold of $100 before the company will send you a check in the mail.

Another downside to blog ads, it that your flighty new visitors are now down away web surfing instead of focusing on your content. You’ve spent all that time, effort and careful attention to create great content, only to lose it to the national company with professional marketing teams, and all for maybe $0.50.

The upside, it’s the easiest and least time consuming monetization method on this entire list.

Direct Traffic to Other Sites $

Similar to an ad, companies like Taboola will give you code to add to the bottom of each blog piece that redirects your readers to other sites to read using “Recommended” content. You face similar issues like the Blog Ad, but it is an option.

Text Link Ads $

These are the blog ad, but they automatically link particular words in your content. I find these even worse than blog ads. They don’t even always direct your reader to something that makes sense given the text! And they might direct your reader to products or links that can be offensive or suedo-science crazy pills. Worst…you will probably make less money that with the blog ads. These perform better on sites that get large volumes like the Huffington Post.

Sell Someone Else’s Product $$

There are several ways to do this to make money blogging, and there are many bloggers who have found great success with this style of monetization. One is affiliated shopping links with companies like Rewards Style, Shoppable, and Shopstyle Collective (formerly Shopsense).

Your blog is just a means to get traffic – people really miss that point. You don’t just post blindly – you post so you can tap into new traffic sources and constantly grow your reach. There’s no point in having 10,000 visitors every day if they are interested in your end-product.

Some of these companies will have you go through an application process and have certain standards. Some of the ones we have come across are, monthly page views, unique visitors, picture quality, graphic design quality, number of blog posts, social media reach and even location. This helps them choose bloggers that are the best fit, but also lure new bloggers into purchasing followers and visitors that often get them into trouble.

Quick Tips for Blogger Application Success: 3 blog post a week, great images that are sized to fit the blog post completely from left to right, and combining your blog efforts with social media.

The other way to sell someone’s product is direct campaigns with stores and business on a per contract basis. This can mean hosting a soiree at a boutique or working with an internet affiliate company on a specific campaign tailored to your audience. This takes more effort to reach out to clients and can be combined with the “Monetize Your Unique Skills” below.

Treat affiliate marketing as a way to maximize profit, but not the foundation of your monetization. The way to build your business and income is for YOU to get the customers. Banner ads and affiliate marketing send your visitors off to somebody else. For that reason, it isn’t the foundation of a good monetization strategy.

Product and Service Reviews Readers can Trust $$

This one marries well with Affiliate Marketing. Basically, you earn commission and/or free products from reviewing products, creating tutorials, and recommending products you use daily. This is a perfect strategy for the part time, in college and stay at home mom crowd. An Amazon Prime account will become a necessity. Note: Only promote products you have used and believe in personally. When doing this, it is important to disclose the fact that it is a paid review. It is also important that you maintain your integrity and never give a positive review unless you’re really feeling it.

This can include what many bloggers might know as the “Sponsored Post.” You get paid (or not in the beginning) upfront to review a product and tell your readers about it. Depending on your traffic and exposure, you could make something between $5 and $5000 per post. Price is completely dependent on your reach, how many mays and platforms you will promote on and for how long.

Monetize your Unique Skills $$$$

You can do more than blog! Put your skills to good use and advertise YOUR OWN services on your own blog. This could be knitting, reviewing products, small business social media marketing strategy, or even proof reading resumes. So many ideas just waiting for you. I personally prefer this option because you always sell more of something you created yourself, plus there is wonderful sense of fulfillment I get when I see my client companies succeed.

According to our research, the bloggers who reach six figures in revenue the fastest begin with some type of coaching or consulting service. Unlike creating courses or writing an e-book, there’s no preparation. You can decide to start selling coaching services and have your first client by this evening.

In addition to being able to market yourself on your blog, this service will give you ideas to write about. The blog will act as a way of giving back to your clients and act as lead generation to future clients.

One way to tip toe into this arena is Fiverr. Jobs start at just $5, but can be simple. Not only is this a great way to test the market to see what customers are buying, but it is a fantastic lead generation tool for those with services that can be done via the internet or shipped.

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Create and Sell a Product $$$

Sale and advertise your own product! What if you made money blogging by selling blog planner printables? Books and eBooks are very popular products. If you can create premium content for your readers, they will be highly likely to buy your book. They are fairly easy to create these days and Amazon is happy to help you sell it too!. Plus you’ll make more money than if you just shoved ads on your blog. EBooks are the ultimate authority builders, trust builders, and branding tools for building an income generating blog.

In the end…

Inevitably if you want to make a lot of money blogging, you need your own product or service. This allows you to control the marketing, the price, and take 100% of the commissions. And from start to finish – Focus on growing your mailing list. Your profit can and will be directly related to how many people you can reach directly and personally.

Did we miss one? Do you make money blogging? What are your tips for newbies?

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