How to Setup Naming Conventions For Your Funnel List in ActiveCampaign

To those using ActiveCampaign, we are regularly asked about how we set up our list, so I wanted to show you a new client we were setting up from a fresh, crisp, clean account! No clutter so you can see the fundamentals.

2) Lead Magnet – One list for each lead magnet you are running. We name these “LM – ____” so we quickly know who is who and keep all the Lead Magnet list together in one section. Plus, we immediately know info on how people are moving through the Customer Value Journey and Funnel. Name it literally after the lead magnet. You could also run this group by tagging, but if you are using any kind of API connections from landing page software, you are going to need a whole list dedicated to ensure the right lead magnet gets delivered to the right audience.

3) Entry Point Offer – A list for each Entry Point Offer list of clients and customers. We name these “EPO – ____” Again, many EPOs might be coming into ActiveCampaign from an API or Zapier integration. It needs its own list. For many service based businesses, scheduling a consultation or demo is critical to the Customer Value Journey (like a Sales Process with additional psychology) and automating it online will give you a major increased boost in conversion. Unfortunately, many online scheduling options will not give you the ability to add tags to your lists in ActiveCampaign. A separate list will be critical.

4) Core Offer – This is your main product or service list for people that have purchased. We name these “CO – ____” There will be time you will only want to message prior clients, send them special gifts and offers….you will want that list in ActiveCampaign separate. Plus, you can add project management and the Customer Value Journey direct to the Deal structure in ActiveCampaign.

5) Profit Maximizer – just like the others in your funnel, or Customer Value Journey, you’ll want a list for each core Profit Maximizer to house your best clients and customers. We name these “PM – ____”.

6) Potential Lead List – This is a list you should ver clearly mark (DO NOT BULK MAIL). THis is a list of contacts you have their info but not permission to bulk message them. That is called SPAM. But ActiveCampaign, unlike its Mailchimp and Constand Contact Counter Parts is a true CRM. In this, you can track activity, keep notes and send private (trackable) email to this list and utilize the Saved Response feature. Every business, every month should have a Dream 100 Client list that they are actively cultivating. It goes here. If they enter another list…. remove them from this one unless you are using it for tracking purposes as well.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!

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