Get the Blogging Content Started: the Blog Editorial Calendar with FREE Printables

Free printable blog editorial calendar for both men and women

Day three of the #write31days October challenge and glad to see you still here with us! Please ask any question you might have in the comments section below and we will get to it in a day or two’s time. Today we are discussing the need to have a blog editorial calendar and created a FREE editorial calendar download at the bottom of this post! For content to your inbox, sign up as a brand or blogger, and we will deliver this same info right to your inbox, plus sweet extras!

We have created our own blog editorial calendar because many on the internet just didn’t fill the need. Lots of the printable calendars we found were too girls and not usable for me, only offered a week at a time (too much printing) or super brightly coloured (too much ink wasting), focused on insignificant details that were not going to help monetize a blog or redundant information to the weekly calendar.

An Editorial Calendar is the GPS to your Blogging Goals

Mapping out and prepare posts beforehand is just one benefit. This will help solve two things immediately: One, more ideas on what to post about so to avoid writer’s block and two, help visually space out the types of content you use to keep things interesting. This helps to schedule regular material, guest posts and keep sponsored posts on deadline and timely to holidays and seasons without sitting on top of one another.

The editorial calendar provided covers one month with blogging availabilities for every day. Print out 12 and fill in the dates and months. How many days a month do you want to post? You can start to map out your entire year coordinated with events and holidays. Current event pops up? One glance tells you where you can post and if you need to move blogs around a bit.

Vary Your Blogging Content

Keep post topics varied and consistent. Next week, we will post our personal, closely held list of blog post types and ideas to help through those mental dry spells. Sign up so you don’t miss out and we will send the information directly to you!

Some bloggers like to color code their calendar; I personally don’t have time for that and just use shapes and short titles (ex: REVIEW, FASHION FRIDAY, TELL ALL TUESDAY)

Tracking Your Blog’s Progress

At the very bottom of the calendar you will find a small section to keep track of monthly stats from Page Views to Facebook engagement. Ignore the numbers – seriously, at this point, you are just establishing a baseline and watching the numbers go up directly due to your actions can be exciting! We will discuss social media and google analytics next week more in depth

In the bottom right corner there is a space so that you can have a look at your blog stats and traffic and make notes as to any days with particularly high visits. This becomes a great gauge to see what people come to your blog looking for in real life.Soon you can start developing a more honed blogging direction based on what you know works well for you and your readership. Next to this is a Top referral list. When you track pages, you can also track who is sending traffic your way (ex: another blog, Facebook, organic Google search, paid advertising). Take care of good referral contacts!

Using the FREE Printable Editorial Content Calendar

I’ve tried to make this calendar pretty self explanatory, but if you have any questions, utilize the comments section below this post. The editorial calendar is created in a dark grey for easy and inexpensive printing and designed to be utilized by both men and women. You can download BrandDotBlogs Editorial Content Calendar here or by clicking on the image below.

Brand Dot Blog Free printable blogging calendar for men or women

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Jena Apgar, Chief Digital Marketing Warfare Strategist