eLiquid & Vape Instagram Hashtags for Business

Hashtags make it easy to discover new fellow Vape Instagram influencers easily with just a click. The more specific you can be with your hashtag use, the more relevant your audience and impact. But how do you know which ones to use? There are dozens of hashtags thrown around on a daily basis, and more pop up every day. This post will clarify the most popular hashtags on Instagram so you can reach the audience you want.

The majority of Instagram users are Millenials who don’t touch Facebook. Instagram is picture centric and vape brands are killing it on Instagram with lifestyle photos and videos.

These hashtags can be used on Facebook and Twitter, but you will see a greater impact on Instagram.

If you’re in the vape industry targeting Millennials, social media is where you’ll find them – especially Instagram and Facebook.

But What Hashtags are Specific to the Vape Industry?

Connect with like minded people who support vaping in all forms and fashions. These hashtags are a great source of pride for the entire community, come one and call all! Many times you’ll see these used for defining what it’s like to be a “vaper”, or for calling out to vaping’s larger definition: a lifestyle under attack . Vaping enthusiasts from around the world are connecting in solidarity and sharing in the message using these hashtags.

  • #VapeNation
  • #VapeLife
  • #VapeCommunity
  • #VapeFam

No doubt controversial, VapePorn is on the extreme end of vaping culture. It’s not sexual by default – “porn” is often added as a suffix to many other hashtags like #foodporn or even #jazzporn. Use this in only very specific (but eye-catching) posts that showcase impressive artwork or products. Not for every brand.

  • #VapePorn

Tricks anyone? These are lifestyle hashtags targeting the more extreme vape community. Use them to share an amazing trick and boost your brand among younger vapers. Not for noobs or Baby Boomers.

  • #CloudChasing
  • #CloudChaser
  • #VapeTricks
  • #VGod

For deals on Ecigs. Your customers are always looking for a deal, and #ecigdeals is the perfect place to promote your latest sale. Be prepared to stand out among your competitors.

  • #ecigdeals

#Ecigarettes tends to be an industry hashtag, used by business owners and advocates to disseminate insight on the latest research and health reports regarding vaping. It’s not uncommon to run across posts from vape shops and manufacturers promoting their products so you should too.

  • #Ecigarettes
  • #ecigs

As it sounds, #vapecommunity was created by vapers for vapers.

  • #vapecommunity

More than just product information, this hashtag surfaces news and entertainment, including internet memes, created for the vaping community.

  • #vapers

For the complete noob, this is good for reaching out to newly enshrined vapers. Search for questions asked using this hashtag and educate potential customers with information about your products and vaping fundamentals. Among the most common topics covered are ecigs, how they work and the various e-liquids flavors available for purchase.

  • #vaping101

These are the bare basics to cover all vape Instagram posts. Every post should use at least one of these vape Instagram hashtags to be included in the broad conversation. These posts also often include regulatory news and updates affecting the larger vaping community.

  • #vape
  • #vaping
  • #Ecig
  • #Ecigs

We will try to keep this post updated with new vape Instagram hashtags, but new ones are being created daily! Comment your favorites below, especially if we missed one that needs to be added. These are only a few of the many hashtags you can tag to your posts, pictures and videos on Instagram and Twitter. The more hashtags the merrier, just remember it’s about more than posting. It’s about engagement and a #conversation with your customer is the best way to build your brand.

IT is not all hashtags. Please remember that social media is about engaging and starting a human to human conversation with your customer to build your brand.

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Comment your favorite Vape Instagram Hashtags below, especially if we missed one that needs to be added!

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Jena Apgar, Chief Digital Marketing Warfare Strategist