Does Your Logo Measure Up? Business Logo Checklist

Starting a business is intimidating on it’s own, but building a logo that embodies your brand can be traumatizing! That is why we took a moment to put together our own Business Logo Checklist for the small business owner to run through. I promise, we keep it simple!

When creating your business logo, there are some key concepts to remember:

  1. Simplicity: Is it a clean, high-impact design that could be recreated in all white? Too tricky or too detailed and you risk losing your image in different formats. You also don’t want you potential clients to associate your logo (and thus your brand) with being fussy or complicated. KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid. Simplicity is one of the hardest things to achieve and requires the most work, which is the inverse of what most clients expect. It’s usually helpful to employ a subtractive technique. If you like the concept, can the same idea be expressed with even fewer lines, items, etc.? The key: Is something a stylistic embellishment or is it essential to communicating the idea?
  2. File Type Matters: Keep original files! I get logos in original Illustrator files, eps, PNG with transparent background and JPEG formats. I dread when clients give me photoshop files’ it means more work for me. JPEG and photoshop formats do not scale well – tiny or large.
  3. Relevancy: Does it align with your industry, need, or a problem you solve? Does it reveal something about the nature of you company, service, or product? Is it descriptive? This doesn’t mean it has to be literal. In fact, in most cases you want to avoid being overly literal. But can it be seen in the context of our industry? Your client base? Your statement of value or unique selling proposition?
  4. Color: Do you have a full color and a flat white version? Does your full color logo translate into a flat white or basic two tone logo? When creating websites, marketing material and social media postings, it is critical we have a flat white version of your fabulous color logo.

Some of the logos we have had the pleasure of building for clients that we applied the Business Logo Checklist:

Company Logos (3)Company Logos (2)Company LogosBusiness Growth Network

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