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Before I get into the reviews, Let’s just do a quick Social Media Audit of the SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANY, $99 Social. I mean, they should be at the top of their game, right? Let’s see….

Social Media Audit for $99 Social:

  1. YouTube: So….we have a social media company on YouTube, a major search engine with incredible SEO possibility, and they have a great cover photo! Love it! Makes me want to update mine and several of my clients’ photo. The YouTube cover is NOT EASY to make it look great on every device. BUT, they have just 3 videos (all great and professional) and a mere 28 subscribers. Ugg. You too can be one of the elite few here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChpI6snJTBVfEP-_gvdOrkw OR you can subscribe to our channel, Warfare Marketing – DoubleFunnel.tv where we show you how to build out funnels and drive traffic, sales and leads each weekday morning here: http://youtube.com/c/WarfareMarketingDoubleFunnelTV – Your pick 🙂 But look at that sweet custom URL versus $99 Social. A Social Media Company should know better.$99 Social YouTube

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99 Social Reviews

  • ⭐ out of 5: Joshua P on BBB on 12/17/2018 – For several months no content was posted. I’ve been trying to cancel my account for two weeks now. Kyle is either a robot or a crook. Stay away from this company. 99 Dollar Social Reviews
  • ⭐ out of 5: Elizabeth K on BBB on 11/11/2018 – Terrible service and low-quality content. Definitely get what you pay for. Stay away from this company for any social media services. Trust the other reviews here, they’re spot on.  Reviews for 99 Dollar
  • ⭐ out of 5: Anonymous on BBB on 10/30/2018 – Horrible, horrible experience.. The posts they were making advertised competing stores, sending my customers there instead of mine. When I contacted them to cancel, still within the 14 day guarantee, I was ignored. I emailed Teresa, Kyle, Heather, and their customer service reps that are based overseas day after day for almost two weeks to cancel. I contacted them through Facebook messenger too. They seriously must train their employees to ignore anyone who is trying to cancel. Extremely unethical. FINALLY, they have cancelled my subscription, but did not refund the $99 even though I originally submitted cancellation 7 days into the 14 day guarantee. I am waiting on a refund before escalating this further. 99 Dollar Social
  • ⭐ out of 5: Adilah C. on BBB on 10/17/2017 – This company cost me my client. I purchased their re-seller service and there were glitches in the software that caused problems on my client’s platform, I had to constantly go in and delete posts, the customer service took days to respond, getting issues resolved took forever. They took my money, trashed my clients social media account and then when asked for a refund would not provide because I expressed my strong dissatisfaction with their service. In addition, they had the audacity to accuse me of posting some of their ridiculous content to my client’s account when I asked them who posted the content. It was like being in the twilight zone. DO NOT risk your business, clients, & reputation by aligning yourself with this company. DO NOT waste your money on this extremely sub-par service. I would NEVER recommend this service for your own social media or for that of your clients. It will only cost you time, money and constant frustration. PLEASE research this company online before investing your time and money. You will find that there are a plethora of BAD reviews.This is something I failed to do beforehand because I attended a presentation that was given by the stakeholders in the company and it was presented like the best thing since sliced bread, but there could be nothing further from the truth. You’ll notice that their Facebook pg does not have a review section and I’m sure there’s a reason for that. Please do your due diligence first. When contacting the company, they will send & show positive reviews from “clients” and will seemingly look like a good investment. I hope that NO ONE has the horrible experience that I had. This company took my money, cost me a client, and tarnished my company’s reputation. 99 Dollar Social Review Additional Followup: As evidenced in their response, this team and company is completely inept & clueless. The fact that they think my problem stemmed from 1 post that their glitch riddled system posted (and showed that I posted it) as the source of the problem is precisely why I ASKED to be removed from their system. It is a flat out LIE that I did or would post an image for a yard-sale onto my real estate client’s Facebook page. Anyone can go and look up my company online and they will ONLY find 5 -Star ratings. The same cannot be said about your company. The proof is in the pudding. This was not a 1-time occurrence. This was a CONSTANT DAILY PROBLEM and issue that my client and I had to repeatedly deal with. I have screenshots & emails as well. YES, i did have & use some choice words after giving your team NUMEROUS opportunities to correct the problem. You’re damn right I had some choice words after you cost me my client and took my money. It wasn’t until AFTER this fact that you refused my refund. Tell the TRUTH! I can do this all day. The world will know about my experience here. and there are MANY other online reviews that will support my claim and complaint. I am one among many clients that your company has provided horrible service to.
  • ⭐ out of 5: TeeB. on BBB on 08/17/2017 – DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! – they often reuse posts and images within a short duration of time – at times, some account will lose connection and not receive posts for weeks at a time – there is no double checking system…misspelled words, inaccurate posts, and unrelated material is all common – posts are not engaging and will not promote growth for your business 99 Social Reviews
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