7 Foundations to Start and Scale Your Business to $100 Million Dollars like Dean Graziosi

scale your business to $100 million dollars

You’ve heard it before, you’ve seen if before – but let it sink in and know these simple foundations anchor your success at every level.

My cohost with DoubleFunnel.tv, Scott Schilling and I, spent the morning specifically covering the notes from Dean Graziosi’s presentation because the tips, the foundations are so intrinsically necessary for your success and so often missed and skipped for flashier tactics. You can watch the full hour here:

The simple things

Find simplicity on the other side of complexity

Anchors for to get to a million are the same to get to a billion

7 Musts to Start and Scale Your Business to $100 Million Dollars

Dean Graziosi Scale Your BusinessProtect your health, confidence and state

  • Figure out what builds your confidence and what tears it down
  • Delete angst
  • Play on offense, when you are on defensive the world goes crazy
  • Protect your confidence like crazy
  • When you are confident great things happen
  • When your confidence has been robbed, you play on defensive
  • You play small with no confidence
  • Have rituals for confidence
  • Protect confidence
  • Have a morning ritual and know it is critical to create an offensive day
    • Be a machine.
    • Ignore phone. Do not look at your phone first in the morning.
    • Think of something you’re grateful for, can be stupid and small, you’re alive, you’re not sick with the cold. Frames your mind.
    • Think of 3 wins that you had the previous day. Personal and business
    • What are 3 wins would you like today
    • Pound a green drink with MCT oil
    • Exercise at 5:30am
    • Do yoga for 3 days and it will change your body. Do it everyday and it will change your life
    • These are my best days, don’t get frustrated
    • Stop watching the news. You don’t watch the news and feel more confident

Dean Graziosi Scale Your Business with ClarityCrystal clear vision and clarity

  • We tend to focus on what we don’t want.
  • Get crystal clear on what you want
  • If it was a year from now and it was the best year of your life, what would that look like?
  • Problems will happen, that is a success tax
  • Look backward to go forward
  • Saying Yes got you out of Egypt
  • Saying no got you to the promise land

Marketing stamina

  • Obsession and new culture
  • Make sales and marketing the obsession of every employee
  • Do not avoid what got you to a million
  • Keep your eye on marketing and sales
  • Work backwards and new thinking. Think how you’ll sell the product before you’ll build it
  • One piece at a time / break it up – compartmentalize the marketing
  • Remember planes fly – if you try marketing and it doesn’t work, it is not the marketing, something you did was wrong
  • Pick one thing and go deep on it
  • Have more marketing stamina

Pay your success tax

  • What if life happened for you not to you
  • What if all the hardship was just a qualifier to see if you were worthy of success
  • The rockstar played 100 dive bars before Madison Garden – that is success tax
  • When you study instead of partying – success tax

The Ultimate Drive Force – your why

  • Know why you want it
  • Keep asking “why you want that” or “why is that important to you”
  • You feel it go from your head to your heart in about 7 steps

Power of your thoughts

  • Your thoughts lie to you
  • The only thing standing between you and your income, is a story you tell yourself
  • Question your thoughts
  • Have your successful voice call bullshit on the other

The Most impactful advice is bad advice

  • People giving you bad advice and telling you to plat small… even if you think it doesn’t get you, it’s cumulative and adds up and gets to you
  • Don’t learn from people who screw it up
  • Stop taking advice from the wrong people
  • Shield that shit
  • Learn from those playing at the highest level possible

Masterminds have ROI

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